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Ceníme si spätnú väzbu a snažíme sa vždy pýtať naších klientov na to, ako sa im s nami spolupracuje. Slúži to na nielen ako dôležitá informácia pre našich nových klientov, ale aj ako dôležitý feedback pre interné zlepšovanie našich procesov. V prípade, ak budete chcieť vedieť viac o tom, ako sa iným spoločostiam s nami spolupracuje, ozvite sa a my Vám sprostredkujeme kontakty na referenčné kontakné osoby.

Andreas Bintinger

Head of Services
Universal Edition AG, Austria


Altamira was astonishing. They’re perfectionists in some cases, which sets them apart because they always strive to deliver a product that's right. The most important thing for me was that I always knew what was being worked on and the next steps that were required. It was a transparent process, which is what I valued about our relationship with them.

Eric Yonter

Sales Director
Kantar Health, France


Altamira Softworks demonstrated a mature and thorough project management approach, leading to the successful introduction of an improved platform. They’re very serious and are sure to follow-up in the tracking of the project. It’s well-structured and done professionally. I was completely satisfied with their responsiveness.

Andrej Kubán

Head of IT Department
State Institute for Drug Control, Slovakia


Altamira Softworks accurately translated requirements into a superior product that satisfied internal stakeholders. The team’s strong work ethics and seamless project management ensured concerns were addressed promptly. We followed best practices, using sprints and project management tools. If there were any problems, they were solved immediately.

Peter Dzunka

Senior Sales Account Manager
Soitron, s. r. o., Slovakia


Fixing a past vendor’s work, Altamira rebuilt an application by repairing the code and preparing the test environment. The updated app has been well-received. Altamira's ability to adapt and communicate about ever-evolving specifications helped make the code relatively bug-free. This, along with their can-do attitude, contributes to the imminent expansion of their role.

Florian Schröder

Chief Operating Officer
Wildbiene + Partner AG, Switzerland


Our team is happy with the quality of work that has been delivered. It is very robust, and the code normally works without us having to test too much. The unit tests are being done by them, and once it gets delivered, it's usually very solid. There are always a couple of bugs, but I feel they are within very tolerable limits. Overall, we are happy with the quality they deliver.

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Keď nám dáte základné informácie, obratom vám vypracujeme orientačnú cenovú kalkuláciu vášho projektu.

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